Duck Life 2 Guide

Duck life 2 is a fun game! The purpose of the game is to prepare your duckling for the World Championship. You start by playing the training games, which will make you reach new levels, and eventually the duck becomes faster during the races. You can also buy food and goodies for the duck. These steps will guide you on how to reach the final levels of the game with ease:

  • The duck performs the following actions in the game: running, flying, swimming and climbing.
  • Duck jumps by pressing the Up arrow key. It flies with the Up arrow key and you can bring it down using Down arrow key. You can glide in the sky by pressing Up and Down keys to maintain the balance.
  • Swimming is also similar to flying. You can go up in the water by pressing Up arrow key and you can press Down arrow key to dive. Use the Left and Right arrow keys for movement.

  •  After the training, you can start the game by pressing “Enter Race” option on main menu. Inside the menu, you get to select the following races – Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii, and Japan. Each has three rounds: Round 1, Round 2, and Area final. In Area Final, the duck has to use all the skills to come first.
  • Initially you start with Scotland as the other race options are locked. You can unlock them as you keep progressing in the game.
  • Round 1 of Scotland is “Cliff jumping” and round 2 is “Rock climber”. Round 3 is Area final, and after clearing it, England is unlocked.
  • England also has three rounds; Sewer escape, Leap of Faith and Area Final. Then, Egypt is unlocked.
  • Round 1 in Egypt is “Pyramid Climber”. Round 2 is “The Oasis” and on winning Area Final, Hawaii opens up. This is one of the coolest levels in the Duck Life 2 game.


  • “The Cruise Ship” is Round 1 of Hawaii. “Extreme Volcano Jumping” is Round 2. On clearing Final round, you open Japan.
  • Japan is the final of the world championship. It starts with “Semi Final” round where you have to make the duck across the skyscrapers of Japan by using all the skills of flying, swimming, climbing and running. Clearing this round makes you enter the finals.
  • Championship Final also requires you to use all your skills, as you start from diving, climbing, then you go swimming, and again diving, and finally crossing the flag to win the championship. You win Coins and Crown after winning the championship.

Isn’t it interesting? So, start playing now as you will surely have fun while playing Duck Life 2!


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