Skywire 1

Skywire, brought to you by Nitrome, is an action based game of skill. There are 20 levels in all to complete – each one harder than the last. Do you have the skill to beat all 20 levels?


You play as a chair left, guiding 3 passengers to the safety of the goal line.

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Game Play Options

In addition to the setting options mentioned above, once you start a level, there are a few options you can select. They include:

  • Pause button
  • Back button
  • Try again button
  • Submit Score


Your main objective is to twist and turn your chairlift along the winding course and guide as many passengers to the goal line as you can. You start out with three passengers in your chairlift. Be careful of falling, jumping, and swinging objects! If you touch any of the obstacles trying to stop you, one of your passengers will fall! You must guide a minimum of one passenger to safety in order to successfully complete each level.



Skywire features many obstacles that try to stop you from reaching the goal line in every level. Some examples of the obstacles within the game are: bomb dropping birds, high jumping frogs, parachuting pandas, killer whales jumping out of the water to eat your passengers, swinging monkeys, oversized butterflies, and tractors mowing the lawn close to the course.

Try your best not to touch any of these, or the other obstacles in the game, while transporting your passengers to safety!!


At the end of each level, when you have successfully delivered as many passengers as possible to the goal line, the “Level Cleared” screen will appear. This screen will tell you how many people you saved, how much time you had remaining, and your total score for the level.

Your total score is based on the number of people you saved, multiplied with your remaining time!


There are several video walkthroughs available for Skywire, which you can find by doing a Google search for “Skywire Walkthrough”. You can also find video walkthroughs available on YouTube for the first 10 levels.

Age Appropriate

Skywire is appropriate for ages 6 and up. There are no graphic images or foul language in the game, however children younger than 6 may find this game to be difficult due to the fine motor skills needed to successfully complete each level.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Mac OS 9/OS X
  • 128 MB Ram
  • Adobe Flash Player 8


There are a couple setting functions you can adjust to make the gaming experience more suitable for your needs:

  • Toggle Music On/Off
  • Toggle Sound On/Off


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