Skywire 2

Skywire 2 is the second action packed game in the Skywire series of games. Skywire 2 is as single player or multiplayer test of time planning and fine motor skills. This action packed game offers colorful graphics, funny animation, and mind-numbing challenges that will leave you wanting more. The 30 levels within the game will challenge your skills beyond your wildest dreams. Play it now to see if you have what it takes to be a champion!

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Similar to the first version of Skywire, your objective is to direct your character (the chairlift) through the maze of obstacles, carrying up to 3 passengers to the safety of the goal line. Avoid touching any obstacles that get in your way, or you will lose a passenger!

Some of the obstacles you may encounter during your twisting adventure to the goal line may be birds sitting on the course, parachuting panda bears, and kangaroos shooting up! Look out!!

Show off your skill!

We all love showing off how amazing we are! Now, you can show off your high scores by sending them to the leaderboards! This enhances the gaming experience as it allows for a little friendly competition to see who can hold onto the number one title the longest!

For the cheater in everyone

Ok, so not everyone is a “cheater”, but sometimes we all need a little help passing a level! If you get stuck on a level, there are several video walkthroughs available on YouTube which you could watch to learn how to successfully beat any level. Many of the videos there are broken down into 10 level increments, so be sure to remember what level number your struggling with so you can easily locate the correct video walkthrough!

If you are looking for a cheat for Skywire 2, there is only one: when you complete a level and the next level is loading, right click on the screen then click “play”. This will allow you to replay the previous level you just completed while still allowing you to collect points!

Tips for new players

If this is your first time playing Skywire 2, here’s a little tip for you. To slow your chairlift down so you don’t run into an obstacle, press the down arrow button (or for second player – S button). This will allow you to slow down your chairlift so you don’t plow through the obstacles in your way.

System Requirements

For the best gaming experience and reduced lag, it is recommended to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.


There are a couple setting options available for you to adjust to play comfortably. If you don’t care for the music of the game, you can simply mute it by clicking the mute button located at the top right of the screen. Additionally, if you choose not to hear the sound effects, you can mute that as well by clicking on the tool button at the top right of the screen, located next to the music on/off button.

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