Skywire Games

The three versions of Skywire games are an interactive, fun problem solving gaming experience for children and adults of all ages. In these games, your objective is the same, but each version throws new obstacles, challenges, and features at you, making the game difficult to quit playing!

Let’s take a closer look at what each version has to offer.

Skywire 1

In Skywire – The Original, your objective is to safely transport as many passengers as you can to the goal line, without touching any obstacles that get in your way. You must transport a minimum of one passenger to the goal line to complete each level.

The controls for this game is simple, use your up and down arrow keys to direct the chairlift full of passengers to the goal line. When you approach an obstacle, you can slow down or stop your chairlift by pressing the down arrow key. To go forward again, press your up arrow key.

Some of the obstacles you may encounter in this entertaining game are bomb dropping birds, swinging monkeys, large butterflies, parachuting pandas, and killer whales!

There are a few user options and buttons to allow the player to adjust the game to suit his or her needs:

  • Toggle music on/off
  • Toggle sound FX on/off
  • Pause button
  • Back button
  • Try again button
  • Submit score button

Your score is based on the number of passengers saved, multiplied by the time left at the end of the level.


Skywire 2

Skywire 2 is similar to the first version; your object is to safely transport the chairlift passengers to the goal line without touching any obstacles.

However, this version is a multiplayer version! You can now play a two-player game of Skywire 2! The first player’s controls are the standard up and down arrow buttons. The second player’s controls are the W and S keys.

Skywire 2 also features a Scoreboard, so you can show off your skills to everyone who plays!

The obstacles in this version are a little different than the previous version also. You are now faced with spinning obstacles, birds sitting on the track, kangaroos jumping at you, as well as the old, beloved parachuting pandas.

Skywire 3

Skywire 3’s basic concept is the same as the previous two versions – safely transport as many passengers as you can to the goal line without touching any obstacles. This version, however, has many new features!

As in version two, Skywire 3 is a multiplayer game; meaning you can play this game with two players. The controls are slightly different, though.

Player 1 Controls:

  • Up arrow button – jump
  • Right arrow button – accelerate forward
  • Left arrow button – accelerate backward
  • Space bar – pause game
  • Right shift button – use buff
  • Right Ctrl button – use booster

Player 2 Controls:

  • W button – jump
  • D button – accelerate forward
  • A button – accelerate backward
  • Left shift button – use buff
  • Left caps button – use booster
  • Space Bar – pause game

As you can see, this version offers boosters and special buffs to help you complete each level! You can also customize your chairlift’s image as well. Customizations, buffs, and boosters can be found in the game’s Coin Shop. The buffs you may find there include double score buff and extra passenger buff. You can also find boosters, such as rocket attachments and brakes for your chairlift. Additionally, the customizations mentioned may include a dragon chairlift, bird chairlift, and horse chair lift. Let your passengers ride in style and arrive safely with these boosts, buffs, and customizations!

Everything found in the Coin Shop will be purchased using in-game coins. To receive in-game coins, your end level scores will convert to coins, which you can use in the shop. This is an even bigger perk to trying to achieve high scores!

Skywire 3 brought back the beloved Scoreboard, so you can share your scores with everyone who plays! Additionally, they have added a new feature: Challenge Your Facebook Friends!

You can now challenge your Facebook friends to try to score higher than you by sharing your scores at the end of each round on your Facebook page! Think your friends can beat your awesome score? Share it and find out!

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